The Original Wild Women Of The West Characters, Inc.

                             Also known as:  The Wild Women Of The West

        The Wild Women Of The West started in 1973 and lives on and on...

                                       FORTY YEARS AND STILL WILD

" Dedicated to preserving the memory of the women who made the Wild West Famous."

About Us

The Wild Women Of The West is a non-profit organization of horsewomen dedicated to preserving the history of the women who lived in the 1800's (Wild West Period) to the 1915 Rodeo Cowgirls.  Each woman chooses a character to portray.  Such women famous and infamous include: Carrie Nation, Lola Montez, Frenchy McCormick, Lotta Crabtree, Josephine Earp, Molly B' Damn, Lulu Belle Parr, Sally Skull, Kitty Leroy, Pearl De Vere, Lillie Langtry, Calamity Jane, Annie Oakley, Mattie Silks, Pearl Hart and Fannie Sperry, to name a few of our characters.

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Our Work

The Wild Women Of The West can be seen in parades throughout Arizona.  We have also participated in parades in Colorado and Wyoming.  Some of the other activities the Wild Women Of The West participate include appearances at schools to talk about the characters we portray, historical society events, rodeo grand entries, various western themed festivals, trail rides, poker rides, fund raisers and campouts.  This group takes great pride in civic involvement as well as assisting other equestrian groups in their charity endeavors, as well as sponsoring fundraisers of our own to benefit other non-profit organizations.

Join Us:  New members welcome!

To be a Wild Woman OF The West one must be at least 18 years of age and have access to a horse that is calm and parade ready, as well as a truck and horse trailer to transport the horse to and from our events.  A fun loving attitude, a sense of humor and a sense of adventure are also a plus for membership in this group.  Each member must complete 2 parades as a "Guest Member," then, the "Guest Member" becomes a "Qualifying Member" for the next six months.  During the qualification period the new member must research and choose a character of her own.  At the end of the six month qualification the new member will write a report and read it to the group about her chosen character.  Each member must know her character well and dress and portray the character as authentically as possible.  All costumes must directly relate to the character's  reputation and profession.


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